Finally, A Presence On The Interwebs

So I finally did it – I made my own web presence. I’ve been creating websites for over 10 years in some form or another. I’ve had the fortune of watching the web grow up, from my early years using Prodigy Online to check sports scores to my first foray into web design in [cringe] FrontPage. Since that time, I’ve built sites in tables, learned to love floats and now dream of the flexible box layout module. My layouts have been fixed, fluid, and now responsive. I recall nightmares that involved Netscape 4, countless hours beating Internet Explorer 6 into submission and the joy of developing anything for Webkit. While others feel old watching Bryce Harper swing for the fences, I feel old knowing there are people who have never coded a table-based layout. Lucky.

I understand, many of us have lived through the wild wild web. I’m not complaining, I’ve relished the challenge. I can’t think of another industry that requires us to stay ahead of the curve on a monthly if not daily basis. Retina assets? Now that’s fun!

Bryce Harper Excited

Bryce is excited about the web.

You see, this first post actually isn’t about the web, I love the web. This post is about why it took me so long to get here. Instead of making a plethora of excuses (church, marriage, working for the man, trying to have a social life), a better use of my time and energy would be a message to all the Bryce Harpers of web design. No, not the clowns, but the passionate, energetic, wide-eyed individuals full of excitement as they begin their careers.

That message? Don’t wait. Don’t tell yourself you’ll do it later, don’t wait for the perfect design. Trust me, this is version two-hundred and something for me. Look at it long enough, I guarantee you’ll hate it. While inspiration is great, don’t just be a spectator, become a player. Recently on Shoptalk Episode 25, Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, and Dan Cederholm mentioned a Chuck Close quote from the book Wisdom.

“I always thought that inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you’re not going to make an awful lot of work.”

Well darn it, I’m not an amateur! Isn’t it funny how we wait for the perfect design, the perfect moment in life for things to clear up, for the clouds to part. Truth is, life gets more busy with age, or so it has with me. Now that I find myself in more of a managerial role in the workplace, there is less time to stay abreast of the latest web technologies. But now that I’m 31, how do I keep up? By getting to work.

This site (it’s responsive), this post, is a pledge to myself and to you that I will continue to be the best web designer possible by being an active part of the community and continuing to make websites. Hopefully my experiences working with the federal government and commercial clients along with my continued foray into new web technologies (Responsive Design, HTML5, CSS3, etc.) will provide you with insight and who knows, maybe a laugh or two.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work.

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Tara Parekh

Dan, Your site looks fabulous! You can tell that you put a lot of work into it. I love the cleanness of the design. Great job!

Lorrie Parson

Your new website is awesome and I especially like the message in your blog. I’d like to hire you to develop a new “responsive” website for my business. Contact me at your earliest convenience to set up a meeting time.


Very true. I am just finishing my portfolio, probably the 50th design that I’ve made for it. Light or dark? Responsive or not? What fonts? What colors? During the same span of time I’ve probably completed 20 client websites and never have the same emotions that I have toward my own portfolio.

Thanks for the post and the push, I’m going to put an effort in to finish mine this weekend. Good job on yours as well!

Chris Kobar

Nice job and a tip-o-the-hat to a fellow NOVA Web monkey!


Jon Osmond

Beautiful. Well-done!

Daniel Filler

Thank you all – greatly appreciate the comments!


Daniel your Design sense is Awsm, I am also a Web Designer and i think i have to learn a lot from You !!

Wordpress Dev

Congrats Daniel,
Your site is uniquely beautiful. I was reading Chris’s blog and saw your site there. Even the screen grab of your site looked so unique.

Lindsay Lee

Wonderful site! I’ve bookmarked it and will definitely be keeping up with your blog. I was drawn to check out your site by the nice homepage design – very well done. You’ve lit a fire under my butt to improve my web presence. Thank you!


Awesome site 🙂

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